Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dinner Out In Tasty Taiwan, Ong Kim Wee

After reading up a bit from reviews regarding this place, I decided to give it try. Its just a few doors away from Ban Lee Siang satay celup in Jln Ong Kim Wee.

Ordered 2 value steamboat set priced at RM14.90 each, then top up with this and that, Tried the Salty crispy chicken and also pan fried Gyoza. Had tom yam and ma-la base soup. We were the only customer in from 7-9pm. Service was average. Food was absolutely NO BIG DEAL. Nothing interesting. Poor value meal set- with mini prawns and mini-s scallop,and some assortment of processed food and tonnes of cabbage. The tom yam was just pure chili padi nothing tom-yummish. ma-la is No No as well. Not authentic. The salty crispy chicken was just tit-bits portion. Gyoza was just average as well.

Probably the only thing i was happy about was my Vanilla bubble tea. Which was very YUMMYzzzz...
My verdict- I dont recommend going there, not for their steamboat.
My Rating- 4/10 ( points for ambience-nice oldies was playing in the background and the rest of the points were for the bubble tea)

Till Next...Chompin..