Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wonderland Valley Update

Went there yesterday again this time preordered the dishes and we were quite early too....

 Curry wild boar piggies

 Braised terappin
 Crunchy french beans
My sis and wild boar

This time around food wasn't that great. It is still something different. The wild boar curry was very tender but lack of authenticity of curry taste ( i still prefer my fav spot in setapak that serves fantastic flavoursome wild boar curry) . The terappin was alright. Plenty of 'skirting'. Had the stir fry eel in previous post and french beans. Cost for 7 of us was 140 bucks. Portions were small. Crowd was there. 

My verdict: try not to go on public holidays or weekends. Service gets poor so does the food. Still worth a visit for something different!

Probably 126 in genting sempah is still the best!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Restaurant Wonderland Valley, Bukit Tinggi

 Domesticated wild boar ( can eat bread)
 The view by the stream
 Other dishes available
Address and for you to prebook to avoid dissapointments

My brother decided to bring us here, for lunch prior to get some cold fresh air away from the city. After a 30 minutes drive pass genting exit, you will come to a small exit for bukit tinggit on your left if you are from kl, turn there and under the tunnel. This restaurant can't be seen from the road side. You will see a row of shop houses ahead of you , take a left turn, there is a kolam ikan restaurant on your left. Go further front then you will see a signboard on your right. Turn in and go across a shabby bridge and voila! You are here!

They offer a ray of exotic dishes plus the normal ones. It can get quite packed during weekends and do expect the service will be slow and there will be long waiting time. At the mean time you can entertain yourself with the lush green surrounding and wild boar plus a goose while waiting for your meal patiently.

The signature dishes includes terrapin, wild boar curry, eel, fish and chicken. I would not ever recommend calling their toufu although its homemade. It doesnt taste good and it is very expensive . I think almost 10 bucks per piece. I tried their signature eel dish. Which was the best so far  I have ever had besides unagi :P . The organic steam chicken was also good, tender and lean... Vegetable were crispy but slightly too oily.

Come out here on a weekend lunch break with your family or friends! It is not too far off from the city and can just refresh and calm your mind in this serene environment while enjoying delicious food! 

p/s: will be visiting there this evening as we missed the pork curry on the last trip!

Verdict: good 7/10 ( service slow)
Please call and book ahead. Avoid peak times!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Golden Mansion, Bukit Cina

 The interesting rojak chicken. Spicy!
 Dipping sauce. Goes very well with beef and lamb
Steamboat. This time ordered beef
I have been here twice. the first time of course my boss belanja la! Had the osyter hokkien mee... It is a unique acquire taste. Got to add the black vinegar to cover the fishy taste. Then I was introduced to something new! ROJAK CHICKEN. Basically its chicken chop with rojak sauce and timun and pineapple and sengkuang. I also had seafood steamboat to wrap it up. The speciality of the steamboat was the dipping sauce itself. It has nam yue with a good balance of flavour and spice.

The steamboat I ordered this time was beef. It was a dissapointment. Was literally beef and vege and cost Rm36 for 2. The rojak chicken was RM 15 which was still quite reasonable. Service here is quite efficient and dishes comes out pretty quick. I saw other tables ordering steam chicken which seems to be a favourite order judging from the numbers of exit it made thru the kitchen. Alot of people bring their family here for the normal chinese style dinner. Worth a try!

Verdict: service 9/10 (titbits and towel charges)
Food: Ok. Dont order steamboat although the soup base is good

Maybe I would come here again to try other dishes.

It is along bukit cina if you turn at the round about and take a left at the mosque.. Its all 1 way street you can't miss it.

Further details and address and another blogger's finding can be view below:-

Comfort food

One of my favourite food since childhood has been this nyonya dish called 'sambal sumbat cencaru' or i made the name up. My mum used to make this alot and always there was nothing left of the fish but bones. Everytime she fries the sambal with dry prawns and belacan...the aroma in the air makes you salivate.

So being far from home i discover this place in Wang Food Court Jalan Tun Sri Lanang. It only opens at night. My first time there and ever since then my subsequent visit will not do if I dont call this cencaru fish! Its not exactly the sambal version. This is deepfried cencaru fish with chili paste. Plus a squeeze of lime its yummy!!! This fish can be ordered through a stall that sells claypot chicken rice and also soups. The soups are quite nice too. The claypot chicken rice is a bit dissapointing. You can also order nasi lemak there. The sambal got Ommph! 

There is a variety of selection of food ranging from peranakan to roast meats, mee and satay. Did not try the rest. Always for the same nasi lemak and fish!

cencaru looking dead! Dont be fooled by it's look!
Not so busy day on a jusco member sale

 Nasi lemak ayam goreng panas!
Open air area

This food court usually causes traffic jam on weekends. You can find parking by the roadside or at the back. Its on the left side of the road if you are coming down from hospital melaka towards town and opposite the majistret court and beside the Risda building.

Verdict: Penny wise comfort food :)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Ching Kee Restaurant Sungai Burong

If you are interested in a weekend get away . A few hours drive to village area. You can travel through the trunk roads to this small little fishing village. There is a few chinese restaurants hee which each have different authentic seafood served. On a family trip to visit my grandma we visited this restaurant in Bagan Sungai Burong. They serve fresh osyters collected locally... fresh ones- add a splash of lime juice, a little of special chili sauce and garlic flakes ...and slurp you go! :) ( Chewy chewy tasty tasty...) Its Rm 2 for 1. 
Crabbssss...Stir fry crabs with Shallots and leeks ( a little different from the usual.Very fragrant with peanut crumbs)

Claypot seafood... very yummy ( very rich, sweet,a little spice (kick) & fragrant with wine)

Osyter Omelette( o chien) ... a little too starchy for my liking but plenty of mini osyters dont feel yucky when eating it...

Cheap off season but prices here may double during high season/festivities.
Verdict: I have always wanted to come here again... the soup n oysters are my favourite here.

More details can be on direction and address can be found at :

A little Thai Heaven for 2

  I have been back here 3-4 times. The thai food here is good although the price is a bit steep for your normal day out dinner. If you want to celebrate special occasions here might be a place to bring your partner or family to. The have the ambiance and service is good.A plus point is they serve halal food!

 They have a variety of tom yam from the sourish and burns down your throat to the less spicy and creamy ones. It cost about RM 18 per bowl but can be shared by 3 person (each a small bowl). So far my favourite pandan chicken is from here. The steam fish is also good but portion is rather small ( very... its by pieces ) The papaya salad was also good .Sourish spicy and crunchy. Typing all this makes me drools. :P
  The only this was a dissapointment so far was the green curry and pai tee. Not great at all.The desserts are yummy, sticky mango rice- the rice is just good sweet with a tinge of salt ... and my favourite is of course the chestnuts desserts-chewy pearls soak in fragrant coconut milk. Yummz :D

Verdict : Parking a bit difficult if its on weekend. Worth a visit for the special occasions only. They do have romantic candles :P
Location : Its on the first floor of King's Hotel if you are from Ayer Keroh toll its on the left side of the road towards town. If you are from town, it is on the right side after old Jusco and you have to make a U-turn. It has a good atmosphere. Waitresses are Thais.
Price : Pricey
Taste: 7/10 ( i liked it)
On average the last bill i paid for was 100 bucks for 3 which includes 3 rice, serai tea, green curry,steam fish,2 bowls of tomyam, pandan chicken.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ulu Yam Lor Mee

I remember when I was little and my dad had an orchard in ulu yam area, lor mee has been part of my weekend menu till the point that we were quite sick of it. Revisiting this area brrngs back a lot of memories in my younger years.

Almost every weekend my family will travel pass batu caves , through sungai dua ,the dam and ulu yam old and new town to the orchard. There we spent our time in the 7 acre land raking,putting fertilizer to fishing and catching butterflies ,grasshoppers. As the trees mature we see fruits ranging from cempedak,durian,petai,langsat, duku, rambutan, pulasan,mangosteen and limau nipis. Then we spent the weekends camping there to pick durian during season. Till the point I hated durian so much.  Now with my parents getting old and no longer able to carry out so much work , they gave up and sold the land.

Just a few months ago, on my breakaway back home. I decided to revisit this small town to eat lor mee. There is a restaurant ulu yam lor mee in setapak which is quite close to my house but the family decided to drive 45 mins away to rekindle some memories.

Along the journey not far away from the city, we can view the beautiful dam and breathe some fresh air. The waterfall have been a favourite spot for city dwellers for a short family trip. Then , we will reach the new town of ulu yam where you can eat cheap seafood at hock lay. (long ago la)

As you drive further on, you will come to a town with wooden houses... there you will find a few shops selling lor mee. The authentic one will the at the end of the road. Swee Yen. They do sell 'wild' meat if you preorder.Service here can be a bit slow, the owner cooks himself and the front desk are made of family members.

So the usual was lor mee and kung po cuttlefish (very yummy) and also my mum tapaoed my fav 'lou' pig skin head for the shop nearby.

 Kung po cuttlefish (cheap and big portion)
 Pig skin head with chili sauce
Lor mee with crispy lard...

The difference in this lor mee compared to kl's as you woould have notice the colour! As this is cook with black vinegar... hence its already sourish. No need extra vinegar. Yumzz!

My verdict: Something different yet yummy, And its near the city for a short foodie trip.

How to get there or if you like to see more pictures ,click the links below:-

till then...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


When I first came to melaka for work 3 years ago there was a hype about this 'cake'. It made into the newspaper for the things to eat when you are in  melaka along with the famous laksa n chicken rice. Price from 7 plus raised up to 10 bucks per piece now. It is something different with thousands of layer of thin crepe lace with cream seperating each layer. If you are on strict diet or not a fan of cream/ butter then leave this alone. It is yummy to me but can get jelak if you have too much of it.You can come here if you are on a date for dessert. a piece shared by 2 .romantic :P sharing is caring :) 
Nadeje have this loyalty card that is valid for 3 months for every 10 bucks spent you get a stamp . Once the card is filled with stamps then you can redeem the free slice of cake!
Yummlicious : good to try something different. I always go back for more if my waistline permits :P
                         the food selection there is not great. its more like fast food/cafe. Only cakes are good.

Below are the addresses from their web. The outlet at mahkota and jaya 99 is new and quite nice.
website :  http://www.nadeje.com.my/MainPage.aspx

Nadeje Plaza Mahkota
G-23, 25 & 27, Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.
Tel No : 06-2838750.

Operation Hours:
Weekdays: 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Weekend : 11:00am - 10:00pm

Nadeje Mahkota Parade
G-23B, EG 4 & EG 5, Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, 75000 Melaka.
Tel No : 06-2843469.

Operation Hours:
Daily : 11:00am - 10:00pm

Nadeje Jaya 99
G-01, Bangunan Jaya 99, Block A, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka.
Tel No : 06-2277750.

Operation Hours:
Daily : 11:00am - 10:00pm