Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Chuang Kee Ku Gua Tang, Taman Merdeka Permai, Bitter Gourd Soup

Opening times

Bitter gourd soup

A frequent spot to have lunch especially on a nice windy day. Bitter gourd soup , bitter yet nutritious. Ordered pork with bitter gourd soup ,omelette and 2 rice . Cost about RM20.90. Plenty of meat in the soup and a hint of bitterness only. Yummy. Its situated near the Bridgestone tayar shop near the traffic light. Its on the left side if you are coming from Malim. It has a bright purple signboard with a cute bitter gourd cartoon.

My Verdict : Nice to have comfort food lunch . Plenty of meat in the soup for 2. Definitely would frequent this place for lunch. Check the opening hours in the picture above.

Wedding- Make Up Artist

   I had a few make up artist in mind and I have survey earlier about 12 months ahead of the wedding. Nowadays people tend to book their make up artist quite early...

My first few choices were:-

   Package 01: WEDDING ( within a day ) Price: RM900
-2 Makeup Sessions & 2 Hair Styling Sessions -Eyelashes, Ampoule/ Moisture serum -Basic hair accessories ( must be return within 7 days )
This was her quoatation .Contactable via facebook. Prompt reply. I was a bit too late... Didn't manage to book her.

2) Yen Make Up :  Eye Do Make Up Studio .contactable at : 012 2151152. AD 2 session cost about 1.2k

3) Aivy Yong : Provides air brush make up. Was not available for my date.

4) Carmen Meng : She is from the weddingisle. Senior make up artist. AD 2 session cost from RM900. At the end I have engaged her. She answers promptly via email as well.

5) Chris Fong : Cost about Rm900 for AD make up. No trial make up. Contactable via facebook. 

Below are my AD make up by Carmen Meng from the weddingisle . Very natural. Hubby love the low bun for my hair.

Other artists are quite good as well. You can see their portfolio on FB.

AD morning make up

AD- wedding reception

My reception hairstyle i requested for side sweep. She suggested another bun cos of cheongsam but I preferred side sweep. She used the roses pinkish purple colour theme and pin on my hair.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Prewedding shoot locations

Dusun Fairies,Ulu Langat

After setting the date for the prewedding shoot we started doing research on location to shoot and also props we would like to bring along for our shoot.

Due to time limitation we finally settle for Dusun Fairies in Ulu Langat for half day session from 9-1pm which cost RM 300. We were considering between this and Sekeping Tengiri in Bangsar. On that day , it was raining and I was early to have my make up done on site. Above are the few selected pictures. Not bad for a shoot location.Scenic.

After 1pm with a bit of traffic jam we were on to our second location. Poco in Bangsar.It is a small cozy cafe. For exchange to shoot there we payed RM5x excluding buying lunch. We only can start shooting at around 3pm when there is less customers. Parking is a hassle in this area. We were considering Wondermilk and after asking their manager, their price was exorbitant for our pockets and for mere 2 hours.


Next shot was at UPM, initially we were told to pay RM50 for the pak guard to keep the gate open in the evening but at the end we had to pay Rm150 because there were functions going on. So had to get some official papers. So from 5pm till about 7pm we were shooting here. By now we were exhausted and who would have thought prewedding shoots are fun! By now we were forcing ourselves to SMILE!

We bought props like alphabet, heart shape blocks and glasses from TYPO pavillion. We also bought chalkboards from Kaizon (Festival City Mall) for a very cheap price like 10 bucks per piece or less. Balloons were Rm5-6 bucks per balloon we had 15 . We bought this from One Utama. Had the extra long thing spray so that the balloon can last longer.

Make up and gowns are from Valerie Fan in SS2,PJ. For brides out there, on the prewed shoot bring some snacks,water and mosquito repellents. You can choose to wear neu bra earlier if there is no changing place. Button up shirt and strapless bra is helpful to change quickly. Shorts and short skirts too. Bring slippers and wet wipes.Sometimes the costume jewellery the bridal gallery provide is not up to your taste , hence bring some spare. Especially if you have casual shots.I forgot to bring :s

When we choose the shooting location, we were ready to top up some money. If you would like free locations then consider putrajaya, lake gardens ,public places and etc... Others usually requires you to spend a bit more. Of course if you are shooting outside KL...then the charges increases :)

Plan ahead, if out of KL or overseas location the be ready to 'pau' the photographer and make up artist for food & accomodation. We were actually thinking of Cameron Highlands... but abandon after thinking about weather predictability, distance, extra day,extra cost!





Sunday, 29 December 2013

Old newton food court

pork satay and intestine
ikan bakar

pari bakar assam style

Have u been to melaka? Have you been to Old Newton Food Court at Jalan Parameswara. I used to live next to this food court. This food court have always been busy and cause of traffic jam on this road.

My favourite food here would be satay and the ikan bakar. Usually we have to wait for 30 minutes for ikan bakar on the weekends. This food court is open almost everyday and in the evening till late at night! So if you are in melaka and have a craving for pork satay at night , you could get some here!

Don't miss the ikan bakar! Yums sauce!

Verdict: 7/10
Location: Near to central ,ample parking at the back
Value for money: alittle bit expensive 70 cent per piece satay and ikan bakar for 2 cause about 16 including rice n salted egg for 2.

wedding vendors- Videographer

Well preparation of  your own wedding can really well turn you into a bridezilla or groomzilla... :P . We had our wedding planned out about 1.2 years ahead . Right after our ROM last year in October. We were quite chill till the last few months right before the wedding.
We were deciding whether was it worth to engage a videographer since we have photographers. After surveying the market price ranging from 5k to 2k... depending on the vendor and type of video they produced. Some call themselves cinematographer... in that way their charges escalates! 

At the end of nip picking and budget constraints. I finally engaged HVP productions. Good quality and service for an affordable price. At the time I engaged his services was 2k for morning and evening reception. This company does photography too. Their clients are mostly malay but thye did a great job for my wedding. I had 2 team videographer on my actual day. One team goes to his side and another to mine... Then they were with us until the morning ceremony is over and till the evening reception is done. Always informative and confirming stuffs. They also do the same day video highlight for additional 400 ringgit. I didn't subscribe to that as we already have the photo highlights.

HVP productions:

Friday, 27 December 2013

Under the big tree, Bukit Beruang

Literally this shack is operated under the big tree at bukit beruang after the petronas turning in a big field. Used to be more shabby and was operated by 2 ladies and an uncle. Nowadays they went for a facelift and added more men power. This place is a local favourite and MMU students favourite. What do they serve???

Handmade wantan mee and spinach mee! It's yummy! They have other dishes to add on too such as fried wonton and also dumplings. It is nice and breezy to have lunch there but beware sometimes they randomly close!

My verdict:
worth a try. value for money. Sometimes they overcook the mee if they are very busy :)

My lunch: Herbal mee soup
Add on: Dumplings- the fillings-pork and century egg

Their menu...

Christmas Eve Dinner at Holiday Inn Melaka

Sorry for the long hiatus, this have been a busy year for me... just got hitched in December and finally after all the preparation and adrenaline rush IT IS NOW DONE! *relief*

So hubby and I *ahem* we celebrated Christmas with the usual Christmas buffet. This time we change the venue to holiday Inn cause every year we have been going to Equatorial Hotel.

At Holiday Inn buffet was priced at 68++ with complimentary glass of wine. Be sure to make your reservations early. We didn't make any cause was a last minute decision and we went there at 6.30pm (kiasu)

They offer a range of menu from local delicacies, roast turkey,pastas, bbq and whole loads of desserts from chocolate fondue ,cakes and Christmas logs.
The appetizer section

Roast turkey and roast beef

The Dessert Bar

I think here is more value for money compared to equatorial but hubby says food selection here is better than EQ but taste wise EQ wins...

Till Next Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!