Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tong Sheng for Steamboat and Seafood

Went to this restaurant at Melaka Raya for steamboat initially but as we entered this restaurant we saw tables and tables having crabs! Hence after a glance in the menu we decided to go for Seafood instead!

Their recommended dish was good- Milk Cheese Crab super yummyz.Crab was fresh and fleshy around RM 55 per kg. Then we also had the Horlick prawns mixed with spicy salty prawns was also finger licking... the house special toufu was dissapointing so was the mongolian pork belly. Besides that we had a plate of 'Fried Sang Mee' which was very tasty! The bill came up to about rm26 pp for 6 ppl.

Overall, I would definetely recommend this place and go again to try out... but service is a bit slow so be prepare to wait during peak time!

Tong Sheng Restaurant -steamboat and seafood
They also offer cheese steamboat broth and plenty of choices

Jalan Melaka Raya 6,

From town its after Mahkota Medical Centre its on the main road on your left
It is close to Station 1 Cafe...
If your from Banda Hilir go on the melaka raya main road, then turning on the left before the Y road, go till the end of the road its on your left

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Comfort food far from home...

I was away for 5 years studying overseas, during all those in between free time and missing malaysian food I started to make some myself to cure my food-sick... :P Well, below is the simplified version of my nasi lemak by scratch.
p/s : if you want even more simple version, buy Tean's gourmet pack of sambal tumis from chinatown or local supermarket. Just fry some dry anchovies (ikan bilis) then add to the sambal bewarned the sambal is damn spicy!