Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tong Sheng for Steamboat and Seafood

Went to this restaurant at Melaka Raya for steamboat initially but as we entered this restaurant we saw tables and tables having crabs! Hence after a glance in the menu we decided to go for Seafood instead!

Their recommended dish was good- Milk Cheese Crab super yummyz.Crab was fresh and fleshy around RM 55 per kg. Then we also had the Horlick prawns mixed with spicy salty prawns was also finger licking... the house special toufu was dissapointing so was the mongolian pork belly. Besides that we had a plate of 'Fried Sang Mee' which was very tasty! The bill came up to about rm26 pp for 6 ppl.

Overall, I would definetely recommend this place and go again to try out... but service is a bit slow so be prepare to wait during peak time!

Tong Sheng Restaurant -steamboat and seafood
They also offer cheese steamboat broth and plenty of choices

Jalan Melaka Raya 6,

From town its after Mahkota Medical Centre its on the main road on your left
It is close to Station 1 Cafe...
If your from Banda Hilir go on the melaka raya main road, then turning on the left before the Y road, go till the end of the road its on your left

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Comfort food far from home...

I was away for 5 years studying overseas, during all those in between free time and missing malaysian food I started to make some myself to cure my food-sick... :P Well, below is the simplified version of my nasi lemak by scratch.
p/s : if you want even more simple version, buy Tean's gourmet pack of sambal tumis from chinatown or local supermarket. Just fry some dry anchovies (ikan bilis) then add to the sambal bewarned the sambal is damn spicy!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Breakfast in Melaka

Having dim sum for brunch on a Saturday morning at U.E Confectionery at Melaka Raya. Their dim sum selection is quite good in term of value and taste. Their desserts are awesome too! Few of my favourites were the char kuey, har kao, mango prawn, paper prawns and egg tart. They sell all sorts of chinese biscuits too...

Their address:
U.E Confectionery
No.40-42, Jalan TMR 25, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
They also have a few branches around town check their website!

This is another favourite by the river, at 59, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Siang Chiang Kopitiam. The old style... Had my favourite kaya butter toast( they use planta) ,nyonya chang, half boiled eggs and a cuppa buttery coffee thick and flavourful! Loads of people go there for nasi lemak as well. There are also other selections of noodles in the kopitiam. It gets very busy and there is limited seats may have to wait for a while. Its cheap and affordable with a twist of old blast from the past feel...

Directions :
From Jalan Bendahara... turn right into jalan munshi abdullah from at the traffic light. Pass another sets of traffic light slow down, the shop is on the right beside a parking lot.

From town through Jalan Bunga Raya, at the end of the road at the traffic light turn left to Jalan Munshi Abdullah, slow down its on your right beside a parking lot.

Tips: there is alot of electronic shops surrounding it and if you cross the bridge you have passed it! take a turn and try again!

More pictures and details from a link :

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Cherating and Chukai Town

The last hols i went was in the East Coast only up to Pahang, at Cherating. Pictures above are from Ruby's Resort area the same turning in ,as Club Med...

We had our dinner at nearby town Chukai about 10km or so drive away from Cherating, there we tried the famous Tong Juan restaurant for their STUFF Crab, the steam fish was also very fresh and yummy. I had garlic prawns too but i goobled it all up before I manage to get a snapshot of it... The town is relatively small... this shop is facing the river near the market!
Keropok Lekors on the way to Chukai... Freshly made freshly deep fried...

Below are some of the fast food we grabbed along the way, Yummy Satar-made of fish paste,chili and coconut milk very tangy and smells really good bbqed. Lemangs and serunding on our short turn back adventure passing Chukai towards Kemaman on the old road.
Hai Peng Coffeshop a must stop in Chukai.They serve yummy Roti Bakar and really aromatic coffee. Went there back again 2x to have the same thing.I see alot of people multiracial from far and near enjoying the coffee there or packing it home as gifts. On the very last night after a rained out firefly watching trip , we decided to have ikan bakar to warm up ourselves! This shop is after the Kampung Budaya.Abu Bakar or something like that... its on the left side of the road if your from Kampung Budaya. The amount of food on the table was for 2... It was less than 70 for all that except for the sup ekor was on the steep side.

Do stop by at these food places when your out and about there... :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Nyonya laksa 286 Baba Low

Had this delectables for brunch last Sunday, cendol, nyonya laksa and pai tee all at 286,Jalan Tengkera....
My verdict- cendol was tad too sweet but still yumz on a cold Sunday morning
- pai tee better than those i had in nyonya restaurant lack of green and red
colours i think
- Laksa - was quite yummyz ,plenty of cockels ( if you like it slightly bloody)
Directions- Go along Jalan Tengkera from the town, quite a distance.. then you see a the Tengkera mosque on your right, take the right turn immediately then, then you will see this shop on your left under big big trees!
Try it... I see loads of people ordered mee siam as well.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Melaka Melaka Melaka

What Malacca has to offer? Rich vibrant cultural history, abundance of food, world heritage and recently accquired declaration of a develop state status...

The rest of it doesn't matter much besides the FOOD :)... Hakka Kitchen
My siblings came from KL for the weekend to lepak... I brought them to Hakka Kitchen in Plaza Mahkota area, under the flyerover turning into that area. Had 3 dishes- ordered their speciality mutton soup and 2 other dishes mui choy pork and vegetable.
My verdict- the soup could be better , the pork dish wasn't very good and vege is always vege. This is the sister branch the main branch is in Batu Berendam which serves better quality food. Price wise 3 dishes for 80 bucks- on the pricey side.
I would only go back for the mutton soup and i recommend tong po pork as well but I'll go back to the main branch!

Capitol Satay Celup, Bukit Cina
Guess what time I went there? It was 12 am. Raining. There are still people queueing up for it! It is pretty easy to find this place... just get yourself to Bukit Cina you will notice the big big sign board sticking out and they claim this is the one and only no other branches anywhere else!
Had a few sticks- 80 cents per stick. The mickey in the picture shows platter price of items. I was telling my siblings while the waiter there put in a laddle full of ingredient to this satay sauce , the things in that spoon is gula ,kacang and serunding... the worker say no-lah...COKLAT! * :s*
This place opens from 5pm onwards. If your going for dinner go early to avoid long queues. My advice drink plenty of water after that to avoid sore throat the next day.
This is an acquired taste. Do not expect kuah kacang like the satay ones... this is a bit lighter and it is different but do try it if you are down town in Melaka.
My Advise:
  • Be early or be late... ( to avoid the queue)
  • Drink plenty of water after
  • Bring tissue paper it can be a bit messy
  • Make sure what you are eating are cooked thru!