Sunday, 2 February 2014

DIY wedding card

For my wedding I did DIY wedding card. The card was provided by the hotel. I DIY the inlet.
Programme that I used to do the inlet:
    Microsoft Publisher
 Adobe Illustrator
 Adobe Reader
I also did a e version of the card using the above programme and had it saved under pdf. (saving on stamps)
Some people prefer to spend a lot of money on these cards. Some are elegant and cute but spending RM 5 per card and eventually it would end up in the waste bin was just a NO to me.
At the end I printed the inlet on 100gsm color paper. Colour printing I had it done in the shop cost about RM 1.20 per piece. The more u print the cheaper the price. I printed about 220 pieces and paper cost about RM15. I added a ribbon on the front of the card as well. I used about 6 rolls costing about less tha RM10. All in all less than RM300 for 220 cards including glue and so on. Roughly about RM1.40 per card for the inlet.
I used publisher as the basic programme. Measured the size of the card and custom the paper according to the size I wanted. Next I did the borders. Then I look for free vintage flower illustrators. I copied and paste onto the publisher. I am able to adjust the colours as well. Then I look for fonts suitable for weddings and also the words they used to describe the wedding. For Chinese weddings apparently , the order of the name of parents indicate who is the hosting party. So if it is your parents then their names goes first. If you are hosting it( aka paying it yourself) then you can put your name.
I also searched for Chinese wording templates. You can find them online. At the end I omitted the idea. When everything is done the I go to those professional printing shop. Then they adjusted the margins and voila done! Their printing is nicer as the colour would not run went it gets wet. Some of these shops do the wedding cards as well.
I learnt to tie the double bow ribbon from youtube and glued using craft glue from Daiso.

For the e version. I look for illustrator of double happiness and try to mimick the card I have from the hotel. After editing and adjusting it in publisher. I PDF the file.Then, I sent those cards to friends and family who are overseas or to those I rarely see. Save on postage and great for the environment.