Sunday, 30 June 2013

Charcoal burger at My Burger Lab ,Seapark

 On a rainy Saturday night after 8pm , my brother and i decided to brave the rain and travel to Seapark for yummylicious burger. We thought the crowd would be chill down by factor of rain and timing... Ooppps ...well we were wrong! Queue to the counter was about 15 mins. It was as busy as usual. Wait for the food was about 30 minutes even with rapid turnover of the crowd. Service was quick!

  Burger verdict : Yummz... i love the burger bun and the patty was just right... The fries was a tad too salty but otherwise tasteful! I would definetely go back but minus the queue...(*I hate waiting*)

Feel free to drop by their facebook page for more updates!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Korean restaurant Taman Melaka Perdana,Bukit Katil

I went to this Korean restaurant in Taman melaka Perdana near to ozana at Bukit Katil to satisfy my bbq cravings! Had 2 assortment of bbq, kimchi soup and a bimbibap for 3 for a total of Rm100.No charge on service tax. This restaurant is on the left if you are coming from Ayer Keroh and on your right if your coming from Ozana.

Food wise not too bad, love their kimchi soup cause they added the salted vegetable! Will go there again... Not to busy atmosphere but the service maybe a bit slow if there is a crowd.