Sunday, 24 October 2010

Melaka Melaka Melaka

What Malacca has to offer? Rich vibrant cultural history, abundance of food, world heritage and recently accquired declaration of a develop state status...

The rest of it doesn't matter much besides the FOOD :)... Hakka Kitchen
My siblings came from KL for the weekend to lepak... I brought them to Hakka Kitchen in Plaza Mahkota area, under the flyerover turning into that area. Had 3 dishes- ordered their speciality mutton soup and 2 other dishes mui choy pork and vegetable.
My verdict- the soup could be better , the pork dish wasn't very good and vege is always vege. This is the sister branch the main branch is in Batu Berendam which serves better quality food. Price wise 3 dishes for 80 bucks- on the pricey side.
I would only go back for the mutton soup and i recommend tong po pork as well but I'll go back to the main branch!

Capitol Satay Celup, Bukit Cina
Guess what time I went there? It was 12 am. Raining. There are still people queueing up for it! It is pretty easy to find this place... just get yourself to Bukit Cina you will notice the big big sign board sticking out and they claim this is the one and only no other branches anywhere else!
Had a few sticks- 80 cents per stick. The mickey in the picture shows platter price of items. I was telling my siblings while the waiter there put in a laddle full of ingredient to this satay sauce , the things in that spoon is gula ,kacang and serunding... the worker say no-lah...COKLAT! * :s*
This place opens from 5pm onwards. If your going for dinner go early to avoid long queues. My advice drink plenty of water after that to avoid sore throat the next day.
This is an acquired taste. Do not expect kuah kacang like the satay ones... this is a bit lighter and it is different but do try it if you are down town in Melaka.
My Advise:
  • Be early or be late... ( to avoid the queue)
  • Drink plenty of water after
  • Bring tissue paper it can be a bit messy
  • Make sure what you are eating are cooked thru!

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