Thursday, 28 October 2010

Cherating and Chukai Town

The last hols i went was in the East Coast only up to Pahang, at Cherating. Pictures above are from Ruby's Resort area the same turning in ,as Club Med...

We had our dinner at nearby town Chukai about 10km or so drive away from Cherating, there we tried the famous Tong Juan restaurant for their STUFF Crab, the steam fish was also very fresh and yummy. I had garlic prawns too but i goobled it all up before I manage to get a snapshot of it... The town is relatively small... this shop is facing the river near the market!
Keropok Lekors on the way to Chukai... Freshly made freshly deep fried...

Below are some of the fast food we grabbed along the way, Yummy Satar-made of fish paste,chili and coconut milk very tangy and smells really good bbqed. Lemangs and serunding on our short turn back adventure passing Chukai towards Kemaman on the old road.
Hai Peng Coffeshop a must stop in Chukai.They serve yummy Roti Bakar and really aromatic coffee. Went there back again 2x to have the same thing.I see alot of people multiracial from far and near enjoying the coffee there or packing it home as gifts. On the very last night after a rained out firefly watching trip , we decided to have ikan bakar to warm up ourselves! This shop is after the Kampung Budaya.Abu Bakar or something like that... its on the left side of the road if your from Kampung Budaya. The amount of food on the table was for 2... It was less than 70 for all that except for the sup ekor was on the steep side.

Do stop by at these food places when your out and about there... :)

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