Saturday, 22 January 2011

My Birthday outing at Establisment

I was missing those travelling days in Europe and felt like tapas ever since I saw this cafe in Melaka Raya. So I decided to drop by there on my birthday!
Tapas selection was average. Prices ranges from RM15- RM20 plus. So we had grilled garlic prawns and cheese baked scallops. The mains were on 10% offer so we ordered lamb shank and pork tenderloin. Well since the waitress said the cocktails were buy one and the next 1 was at RM1 so what the heck 2 mojitos plz!
My verdict- the garlic prawns were undercook.... ori tapas is not serve on plates!!!! the scallops??? whr? i didnt see any ... the size was pea size! overdone!
On mains- lamb shanks was dissapointing I preferred the one in Wok and Pan at plaza mahkota and the pork tenderloin was all herbs on the outside and dryyyy on the inside....
So in summary, Im just wondering when is this place going to close, there is no customers even during soft opening. Even when on promotion my dinner bill was like RM140++ for 2. Serve was appalling. ( the waitress charged us the mojito full price for both, then we argued that the reason we only ordered it cos you said there were promotion and the menu on the table indicated so! She came back and told us sorry and still say not valid. We just standby what we said and refused to pay the extra... then finally the bill was changed) Fralalala... my verdict plz don't set into this restaurant except for booze maybe if they go on shotters offer!

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