Sunday, 25 November 2012

Poppy Thai, Taman Merdeka Permai

Back from a long hiatus...

Next to introduce you to a thai restaurant, went there when it was newly open back in June this year i think.During that time there were promotions on going for THAI steamboat. Saw quite a few tables ordering it. So I ordered steamboat for 2 for combination of pork and seafood and added on mango salad and also pandan chicken. The tomyam is actually not bad , sourish and spicy. Their hot pot is quite unique which i have encounter previously during my trip to Cambodia. One same problem... the laddle can't really go in... It is tiny.  The salad was also ok. Sad to say I was still hungry after my meal. Portions were tad small for steamboat...

Verdict : OK (5/10) . Haven't been back since.

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