Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kesington restaurant, Kota Laksamana

This restaurant was newly open last year which has now has increased number of patrons through the week competing against wok and pan for the western food market in Melaka. My first visit there was suprisingly pleasant, manager was attentive and service was quick. Food had presentation then.

As the newcomer became more establish you would have noticed improvement in service and so, but not so for this restaurant. Waiters are overworked with only 3 or 4 servicing the whole restaurant which has 3 different areas. My last visit there was horrible. I didn't even have my dinner by 9.30pm.

I was there with my bf and my sister on a weekend for dinner. We arrived there around 7.30pm. Place our orders- mushroom soup,mussels,seafood pasta,lamb rack and chicken veronique. Drinks was serve after numerous reminders after the starters... Mushroom soup arrive first- too salty. Then next mussels- becoming worst..., then my bf's mains arrived lamb rack- he said was OK. Tick tock tick tock... after my bf has finished his plate of dinner then my sister's pasta arrived- creamy but too sweet. Then the waiting game began, I reminded the waiter about 4 times- yes! on the way... yes 5 more minutes. The next table was fed up with the service too, mains were serve to only 1 guest. Then I had observed that, other tables were served before mine! By 9.30 pm i still didn't have my dinner yet! My sister was almost done with hers, and I had enough of waiting... I went to the opposite hawker stall and bought my dinner. Asked my bf to cancel the order and pay the bill. The bill was ask around 10 minutes previously and the BF got fed up and went to pay at the counter. 

The food in this establishment is not bad but the service deserves a ZERO. A failing establishment is the one that leaves the customer in hunger and anger. I would never come here again.

my verdict: 2/10 (2 for previous better experience) my 2 cents if the restaurant cant cope with the number of customers then do not put out extra tables!
Location: Kesington restaurant, taman kota laksaman near bei zhan ...very obvious from the main road.
 mussels 2 flavour
 seafood pasta
ice blended lychee

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