Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sushi Kyou Bukit Beruang

A new sushi place has just open recently at Bukit Beruang. Just had a chance to stop by and try over the weekend. It its located at the shoplots on the left opposite Petronas Bukit Beruang. The interior deco is simple and they have very limited selection of food on their menu ranging from maki, udon,bento set, temaki, gunkan and so on... Well I ordered wakame udon, some sushis...

My verdict: 5/10 not the best sushi shop in town. wa zen still on top! they have service tax 10% !%S!%S!!! and the sushi slices were tad too thin and tasteless... its pinkish not the bring orangy colour that I usually have.

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