Friday, 27 December 2013

Under the big tree, Bukit Beruang

Literally this shack is operated under the big tree at bukit beruang after the petronas turning in a big field. Used to be more shabby and was operated by 2 ladies and an uncle. Nowadays they went for a facelift and added more men power. This place is a local favourite and MMU students favourite. What do they serve???

Handmade wantan mee and spinach mee! It's yummy! They have other dishes to add on too such as fried wonton and also dumplings. It is nice and breezy to have lunch there but beware sometimes they randomly close!

My verdict:
worth a try. value for money. Sometimes they overcook the mee if they are very busy :)

My lunch: Herbal mee soup
Add on: Dumplings- the fillings-pork and century egg

Their menu...

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