Sunday, 29 December 2013

wedding vendors- Videographer

Well preparation of  your own wedding can really well turn you into a bridezilla or groomzilla... :P . We had our wedding planned out about 1.2 years ahead . Right after our ROM last year in October. We were quite chill till the last few months right before the wedding.
We were deciding whether was it worth to engage a videographer since we have photographers. After surveying the market price ranging from 5k to 2k... depending on the vendor and type of video they produced. Some call themselves cinematographer... in that way their charges escalates! 

At the end of nip picking and budget constraints. I finally engaged HVP productions. Good quality and service for an affordable price. At the time I engaged his services was 2k for morning and evening reception. This company does photography too. Their clients are mostly malay but thye did a great job for my wedding. I had 2 team videographer on my actual day. One team goes to his side and another to mine... Then they were with us until the morning ceremony is over and till the evening reception is done. Always informative and confirming stuffs. They also do the same day video highlight for additional 400 ringgit. I didn't subscribe to that as we already have the photo highlights.

HVP productions:

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