Friday, 18 January 2013

Voices Music Cafe, Taman Merdeka Permai

Dear Voices Music Cafe,

   Your outlook was very attractive and that was what caught my  attention to come to you. Once I sat down and start examining your every aspect (menu) I find that you are quite pricey but nevermind I shall see what class can you bring to my dining table. I simply ordered a mushroom soup, spaghetti and also a sausage. Simple enough. 
  First came the mushroom soup, it tasted like it was out of the can plus extra salt. I think Campbell won the battle! Next was my pasta, the portion was not justified by its price, even secret recipe portions are bigger!!! Lastly came the sausage which was served 20 minutes after the pasta... was OK but  not filling. So I proposed that this was my last date with you. You are just pretty on the outside and hollow on the inside with poor inner beauty in all fields.

 The reason why....(judge yourself)
 Exterior Deco

RM 15 for this!

My 2 cents : Don't come here. The big mouth cafe next door had more patrons!

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