Friday, 18 January 2013

Snowtime Bukit Beruang

There is a new cafe in town, just open last month. The cafe's concept is somewhat like the famous snowflakes. They offer arrange of snowflakes like desserts with some other western food such as american breakfast, pastas and snacks. They also have 'tong shuis'. Selection here is quite limited. Cozy place but limited seating place. Service is average. Food wise= imitation of snowflakes but below snowflakes.

This place is convenient and suitable for hangout or just for desserts if you miss snowflakes. That's the closes you can get. The management team need to maintain some standards in their dessert- chewy balls everytime I go the consistency is somewhat different.

 You order by first selecting the base then 4 types of add ons
Verdict: (5/10)Worth a try or a place just to hang out.They close by 12am last order at 11 pm.
They are on facebook if you need more details!
Where: BB Bazaar, Same row as Old town white coffee.

P/s there is another restaurant opening soon beside it!

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