Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wonderland Valley Update

Went there yesterday again this time preordered the dishes and we were quite early too....

 Curry wild boar piggies

 Braised terappin
 Crunchy french beans
My sis and wild boar

This time around food wasn't that great. It is still something different. The wild boar curry was very tender but lack of authenticity of curry taste ( i still prefer my fav spot in setapak that serves fantastic flavoursome wild boar curry) . The terappin was alright. Plenty of 'skirting'. Had the stir fry eel in previous post and french beans. Cost for 7 of us was 140 bucks. Portions were small. Crowd was there. 

My verdict: try not to go on public holidays or weekends. Service gets poor so does the food. Still worth a visit for something different!

Probably 126 in genting sempah is still the best!

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