Thursday, 20 December 2012

Golden Mansion, Bukit Cina

 The interesting rojak chicken. Spicy!
 Dipping sauce. Goes very well with beef and lamb
Steamboat. This time ordered beef
I have been here twice. the first time of course my boss belanja la! Had the osyter hokkien mee... It is a unique acquire taste. Got to add the black vinegar to cover the fishy taste. Then I was introduced to something new! ROJAK CHICKEN. Basically its chicken chop with rojak sauce and timun and pineapple and sengkuang. I also had seafood steamboat to wrap it up. The speciality of the steamboat was the dipping sauce itself. It has nam yue with a good balance of flavour and spice.

The steamboat I ordered this time was beef. It was a dissapointment. Was literally beef and vege and cost Rm36 for 2. The rojak chicken was RM 15 which was still quite reasonable. Service here is quite efficient and dishes comes out pretty quick. I saw other tables ordering steam chicken which seems to be a favourite order judging from the numbers of exit it made thru the kitchen. Alot of people bring their family here for the normal chinese style dinner. Worth a try!

Verdict: service 9/10 (titbits and towel charges)
Food: Ok. Dont order steamboat although the soup base is good

Maybe I would come here again to try other dishes.

It is along bukit cina if you turn at the round about and take a left at the mosque.. Its all 1 way street you can't miss it.

Further details and address and another blogger's finding can be view below:-

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  1. It's definitely a good place to try out... btw, thanks for the recommendation of my blog...