Monday, 17 December 2012

Ching Kee Restaurant Sungai Burong

If you are interested in a weekend get away . A few hours drive to village area. You can travel through the trunk roads to this small little fishing village. There is a few chinese restaurants hee which each have different authentic seafood served. On a family trip to visit my grandma we visited this restaurant in Bagan Sungai Burong. They serve fresh osyters collected locally... fresh ones- add a splash of lime juice, a little of special chili sauce and garlic flakes ...and slurp you go! :) ( Chewy chewy tasty tasty...) Its Rm 2 for 1. 
Crabbssss...Stir fry crabs with Shallots and leeks ( a little different from the usual.Very fragrant with peanut crumbs)

Claypot seafood... very yummy ( very rich, sweet,a little spice (kick) & fragrant with wine)

Osyter Omelette( o chien) ... a little too starchy for my liking but plenty of mini osyters dont feel yucky when eating it...

Cheap off season but prices here may double during high season/festivities.
Verdict: I have always wanted to come here again... the soup n oysters are my favourite here.

More details can be on direction and address can be found at :

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