Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ulu Yam Lor Mee

I remember when I was little and my dad had an orchard in ulu yam area, lor mee has been part of my weekend menu till the point that we were quite sick of it. Revisiting this area brrngs back a lot of memories in my younger years.

Almost every weekend my family will travel pass batu caves , through sungai dua ,the dam and ulu yam old and new town to the orchard. There we spent our time in the 7 acre land raking,putting fertilizer to fishing and catching butterflies ,grasshoppers. As the trees mature we see fruits ranging from cempedak,durian,petai,langsat, duku, rambutan, pulasan,mangosteen and limau nipis. Then we spent the weekends camping there to pick durian during season. Till the point I hated durian so much.  Now with my parents getting old and no longer able to carry out so much work , they gave up and sold the land.

Just a few months ago, on my breakaway back home. I decided to revisit this small town to eat lor mee. There is a restaurant ulu yam lor mee in setapak which is quite close to my house but the family decided to drive 45 mins away to rekindle some memories.

Along the journey not far away from the city, we can view the beautiful dam and breathe some fresh air. The waterfall have been a favourite spot for city dwellers for a short family trip. Then , we will reach the new town of ulu yam where you can eat cheap seafood at hock lay. (long ago la)

As you drive further on, you will come to a town with wooden houses... there you will find a few shops selling lor mee. The authentic one will the at the end of the road. Swee Yen. They do sell 'wild' meat if you preorder.Service here can be a bit slow, the owner cooks himself and the front desk are made of family members.

So the usual was lor mee and kung po cuttlefish (very yummy) and also my mum tapaoed my fav 'lou' pig skin head for the shop nearby.

 Kung po cuttlefish (cheap and big portion)
 Pig skin head with chili sauce
Lor mee with crispy lard...

The difference in this lor mee compared to kl's as you woould have notice the colour! As this is cook with black vinegar... hence its already sourish. No need extra vinegar. Yumzz!

My verdict: Something different yet yummy, And its near the city for a short foodie trip.

How to get there or if you like to see more pictures ,click the links below:-

till then...

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