Thursday, 20 December 2012

Comfort food

One of my favourite food since childhood has been this nyonya dish called 'sambal sumbat cencaru' or i made the name up. My mum used to make this alot and always there was nothing left of the fish but bones. Everytime she fries the sambal with dry prawns and belacan...the aroma in the air makes you salivate.

So being far from home i discover this place in Wang Food Court Jalan Tun Sri Lanang. It only opens at night. My first time there and ever since then my subsequent visit will not do if I dont call this cencaru fish! Its not exactly the sambal version. This is deepfried cencaru fish with chili paste. Plus a squeeze of lime its yummy!!! This fish can be ordered through a stall that sells claypot chicken rice and also soups. The soups are quite nice too. The claypot chicken rice is a bit dissapointing. You can also order nasi lemak there. The sambal got Ommph! 

There is a variety of selection of food ranging from peranakan to roast meats, mee and satay. Did not try the rest. Always for the same nasi lemak and fish!

cencaru looking dead! Dont be fooled by it's look!
Not so busy day on a jusco member sale

 Nasi lemak ayam goreng panas!
Open air area

This food court usually causes traffic jam on weekends. You can find parking by the roadside or at the back. Its on the left side of the road if you are coming down from hospital melaka towards town and opposite the majistret court and beside the Risda building.

Verdict: Penny wise comfort food :)

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